Karcher K7 compact or Kranzle 1050P

Posted 2nd Jun
I can't decided which one I should go for between these 2
Karcher K7 compact on ebay with discount £309
or Kranzle 1050P £341
I need to do cleaning around the house big area.
thanks in advance
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Kranzle all day long
7ommy.7802/06/2020 19:13

Kranzle all day long

K7 has a higher flow rate of 550ltrs/hour whereas the 1050 is 450.

K7 also has a higher max bar, 180 v's 160

10mtr hose v's 8mtr

4yr warranty (cleanstore.co.uk) v's 2yr

To throw a spanner in the works though, the Nilfisk E150 @ £280 is worth a mention, 150bar, 500ltr/hr, 2yr warranty.

Whilst I'd normally agree that a Kranzle wins hands down, (due to future repair/maintenence) the 4year K7 warranty swings it for me, and only £20 more.
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I have a K7 compact currently awaiting repair at Karcher, been in the shop all during lockdown. Had it not been under warranty the repair would have been £290 for a new pump. I only ever use it for washing my car.

if i was spending the same money again, it would defo be a kranzle. I doubt I would tho, debating selling my K7 when I get it back and buying a cheap nilfisk.
As above I’d take Nilfisk over Karcher, I had great service off north west power washers when I bought a second spares or repair Nilfisk off eBay sold me the part I needed not the part the internet made me believe I needed
just checked amazon the kranzle k 1050 is £311
jasbos03/06/2020 13:22

just checked amazon the kranzle k 1050 is £311

£27 p&p I think come from EU Germany maybe
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