Kaspersky 7 users

    anybody here take advantage of the kaspersky 7 offer in march(ish)?
    Ive installed kaspersky 2009 to give it a try a couple of weeks ago and today for some unknown reason tried my Kaspersky 7 activation code on it, now normally the codes arent valid for upgrades but for some reason it works!

    Just a random tip because I know quite a few of us bought Kaspersky 7 on that deal as it was save 50% then save 50% again!


    with Kaspersky you can upgrade new instalations as they become available. Top notch service IMO and K2009 is good too, like the virtual keyboard now ssl is even more secure as you cannot get caught by keyloggers.....

    I used the 180 day trial of Kaspersky 7 last Novemember, installed Kaspersky 2009 today and thought I'd try the same 180 code I was given back then and it worked fine. Is now stating I have 183 days of my trial left Well happy!!
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