Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 completely FREE for Barclays iBank customers (poss others)

    The link takes you to a registration page that asks for your Online Banking membership number. I think Some heads should roll for putting that deal on here. IGNORE DEAL


    I saw this when I logged on to internet banking yesterday. Is Kapersky any good?

    this was posted yesterday and the OP suggested putting 2010 plus x amount of other numbers in as bank reg no and it accepted it.

    ]http//ww…om/ see post 9

    This does work with 2010 and any other 8 numbers...


    Ignore Deal?


    Ignore Deal?

    no, don't ignore deal! bank reg no as 2010 and then 8 random numbers

    well never worked for me no e-mail


    well never worked for me no e-mail

    If you want a ativation code tonyd19565 I'll PM you one... I was playing earlier and got two...:)

    PM sent with code activation code tonyd19565...
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