Kaspersky, McCafee or Norton or Avast or AVG?

Found 4th Jul 2008
Ignore the fact you have to pay for some of these, which one would you go for?

I found Norton to be really slow ... but I really would like to hear other people's opinions before I get one!

Many thanks!
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norton is MO slow, AVG is good, get v7.5 if you can, the new version 8 is more graphical and annoying
AVG free version..have used it for many years..never has any serious problems with it..I do not like Nortons software..any of it..more trouble than what it is worth to be honest.

Have a wee ganders on [url]www.filehippo.com[/url] before you shell out your hard earned dosh..a lot of free virus software on there.
Using Nod32 and seems good so far
Avast free version - used it for ages, it updates at least daily, never had any problems.
ubuntu :giggle:

I found AVG to be quite good, needs a little setting up to stop it running a full scan each time you boot but otherwise good enough. Can't really see the benefits of paying for antivirus which tend to be more bloated anyway.
AVG or Kaspersky.
You can opt for both AVG and Avast.

I've used bot Norton and Mcafee in the past 2 years, and they will really slow your system down - especially on booting up process
Kaspersky or Eset NOD32 if paying, Avira AntiVir if going for a freebie.

Avoid Norton or McAfee like the plague.....
Another vote for NOD32 from [url]www.eset.com[/url], is by far the quickest and least resource hungry AV solution and stacks up well in terms of detection and removal.

I change the the AV for the company I work for to NOD32 3 years ago and wouldnt dream of going away from it.

Norton is always a no no, it's resource hungry and just a general pain in the ass.
I recommend AVG

Eset NOD32 if paying

Good point - ok then, keep installing the free trials :lol:
BitDefender (my fav) or NOD32 or Kapersky - no brainer

If you dont mind paying £20 or so (which, given the potential loss of getting hacked, makes it a worthy investment), I would definitely go with one of the above and skip AVG / Avira

Spend a few minutes and do a search on the internet on ICSA Labs and look at the reports they prepare on the products they test
Thanks so much for the help. Most of the time when Kapersky comes up it's often made hot in the topic ... I never seen any other AV software like this.
If paying, are they better?
I always used Avast (free of course), but thought the one paying might be better?
I dont know ...
Paying isn't always better, as there are some very good free ones as have been suggested here which rate higher than some paid for ones - however some paid for ones stand out amongst the rest - and NOD32 and Kaspersky have consistently been 2 of them.

Whether its worth paying for the best is really down to how much you value your data and your privacy on your machine - personally I pay for mine because I have too much to lose.

I mod at a computer tech site, and over 90% of those who come to us because they have picked up a trojan or virus tend to have Norton installed - that could of course be because it is used by huge amounts of people due to it generally being bundled with new PC's - but that doesn't excuse the fact that it is still allowing these things through.

We highly recommend NOD32 and Kaspersky due to their all round effectiveness, with NOD32 being a little quicker and lighter in resources - use one of these along with a couple of free anti-spyware programs such as Windows Defender (if you use Windows), SuperAntispyware Free, Spywareblaster, AdAware, Spybot Search&Destroy - and you will have pretty good alround protection.......however the best protection is always yourself ;-)
I'm using kaserpsky internet sercurity 8 and I'm very pleased with it... I was using nortons but it slowed my puters down to a crawl...
A word of warning to AVG users, be VERY careful with AVG 8.0 if you're on a connection with download caps. The new LinkScanner function ("Safe Search" on by default but you can turn it off) will drastically increase your usage, as every time you load a page AVG downloads every single link to check for malware. Imagine a Google search for example, AVG will download every single result returned and check it for malware even if you only actually click on one of them.
most of pirate softwares are security broken. Malicious code will be added rite after u cracked AV or IS softwares.

I recommend :

1st. Kaspersky for novices (currently version 8 - 2009). It runs quite fast and stable plus u got ad blocker come with it so no more annoying banners. U can get this free if you bank with Barclay.

2nd. It's famous ESET NOD32. Simple, fast and efficient security software until now (version 4) however if you are novice user you should not go with this. As IT staff, it confused me sometimes when set up and config firewall for my job but it is really good. No free of charge option so far i know.

3rd. Bitdefender. I was sticked with it on every home product until version 2009 released, it was terrible slow on vista machine ( got complain from customers) I dont know the reason for now. But it indeed IS GOOD security software. u can get free version through trialpay.

4th : MCAFEE. Needless to say this is very good security platform but sometimes it over act on interfected threat which i found it very annoying. u can free version of this if you are banking with HSBC.
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