katie and peter unleashed

Found 20th Oct 2007
hi, did anyone see katie and peter unleashed last night at 9pm on itv2.

what are your views on it?
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i think it was great
I thought it was great too. Have never really liked Jordan, but, she and Peter pulled off this show.
I will watch them next week. Also to see how many peeps send in their pics of tattoos.
Painful! ...He is a nice enough bloke, but such a muppet.
yes, i enjoyed it, different, but then what would you expect off katie.

as a couple i think they are good together, and such fun, looking forward to next week, and hopefully get some good guests, mind you i wouldnt want to be interviewed by them.
They usually make me chuckle on the documentary they did, but this was horrific.
The Pussycat Doll looked as if she wanted Scotty to beam her up.
Painful watching - although I'll probably watch the next to see if can reach those depths of embarassment again.
I can't stand her and I can't stand her living so close to me either yuck...She should stop trying to grab the limelight all the time, it gets my goat :x :x
Someone ought to teach her to read as she sure as hell couldn't read an autocue.
I managed to stick it for about 20 minutes until I then reached my limit!!!:w00t:
think she did have a problem reading autocue, but they all seemed nervous!

it didnt seem to be that rehearsed either, but i found it easy to watch, not as emjoyable to their realitly show, but may get better.

and crazy you must live near me too!!!
**** innit
Peter was alright on it. But Jordan is just too eccentric. Gets on your nerves a lot lol. Turned after half of it
it was a laugh but too badly staged jordan sounded far to put on and followed autocue badly .I do like the way they talk to each other but she is far to opinionated .my hairdresser used to do her and petes hair when they were back home and she said they are really down to earth . I used to love seeing their show watching them with the kids its when she is most natural .
Am i the only one who thinks that they are absolute *****s
re; autocue katie (jordan) always admits she is rubbish @ reading them

also she cant be that thick for a page 3 gal she has narf made a lotta money for herself and i saw an interview with piers morgan a few years ago and she outwited him she aint dumb very clever business woman

hate the haters katie and peter r cool

i met her once at soccer 6 charity football match a few years ago when it was @ westham and she was the nicest celeb i have ever met much nicer then that stuck up victoria beckham
Jade Goody is no mastermind but she made millions. Don't need brains to earn cash. :-D
yeah but jade is a skank lol

Jade Goody is no mastermind but she made millions. Don't need brains to … Jade Goody is no mastermind but she made millions. Don't need brains to earn cash. :-D

I agree lol. Just cause she has made a lot of money doesnt mean shes smart. Thats trying to say that people who dont make money arent smart? Strange how Lawyers and Doctors work so much and end up earning less than someone like Jordan

yeah but jade is a skank lol

but a very rich one ;-)
i say good luck to them, she does seem to know what shes doing, that is regarding making money, she is very down to earth and peter too, and that makes a change aswell as it seems when celebritys makes their money they quite often change!

if their managers are the ones to help well good on them too, as they must have good managers directing them in the right direction.

i am not keen on jade goody, but thats me, and if she is making money, good on her too i say, i know i would if in these positions, and sure a lot of you would too.
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