Kaymed Therma-Phase Mattress

Posted 24th Mar 2016
Hello, does anyone have experience with kaymed therma-phase mattresses? I'm very tempted to buy one, as it seems very comfortable in the shop, but I'm afraid the whole temperature regulating might be a marketing thing, and I'm really concerned about getting too hot at night! Thanks!
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Phase changes take a lot of energy to change the temperature a small amount so, assuming the material is present in decent quantities, it's likely that the mattress takes longer to warm up past 30-32° and takes longer to drop below that temperature when it's above it.

I would have thought it's unlikely to change how hot the mattress is after a few hours of use. That'll depend on the properties of the foam. Both it's thermal conductivity and how much it moulds itself around your body. The less moulding, the more of your skin is in contact with the air and the more area there is for heat to escape.

If you want a cool mattress I'd probably avoid visco-elastic (memory) foam for that reason, and stick to standard elastic foams.

And of course, this is only one side of your body. If your mattress is providing more insulation you could just switch to a lighter quilt that provides less and you'll remain the same temperature.
This company make a range exclusively for Bensons For Beds and it's called the Igel range. Being a woman at the wrong end of 40 and having night sweats I decided to buy the Igel Orion bed. I was not 100% convinced about the 'temperature regulating properties' but decided to buy it after hubby convinced me it was THE most comfy bed he'd ever tested. Well two weeks after delivery I'm shattered! I haven't slept a full night since getting it! We've had to change the 10.5 tog duvet to our summer 4.5 tog and I'm still waking up soaked! And I toss and turn all night. My hubby in the other hand sleeps like a baby in the new bed! All I'd say is, if you're concerned about night sweats and you think this bed is a miracle cure, DONT! Read the reviews on Bensons for Beds Orion Igel Bed. Very mixed reviews! I wish I'd listened! Haven't posted my review yet tho, always too tired!
Thank you both for the swift replies! Looks like it should work in theory, but there are problems in practice...I'm 32, so no regular night sweats yet, but I do get hot at night sometimes...Also, my husband is completely taken by how comfortable the mattress is, so I could imagine a similar scenario (=he asleep like a baby, me tossing and turning) Hope you'll find a solution, tho, this sounds awful!
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