kays buy now pay later code

    Hi dont know if anyone can help with this maybe someone has had similar problem - Im a kays customer and have been emailed a code for buy now pay later - I put stuff to my basket then add code which then alters to tell me what codes they are and it then goes onto checkout screen, and it always says this code cannot be used when I get to this stage- im totally lost as they emailed me the code in a newsletter wondering if the order has to be done via phone ???


    Possibly, it's worth a call to find out.

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    yeah think Im going to have too its driving me up the wall - I tried the code I got for buy now pay July and also the Buy now pay novemeber also a code for free teddy bear but all fail at checkout stage

    Have met the minimum spend? (If there is one) Fill up your basket to £150+ then see if it don't have actually buy the stuff to see if it works! :thumbsup:

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    yeah the order was for £192 and it dont mention a minimum amount - I have just emailed them now to see why the send codes that dont work lol

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    ZQ263 Sorry, this offer is unavailable at present.
    XX811 This offer is not available.

    thats what i get on checkout screen

    them codes are top one is for free teddy too if anyone can use them and lower one is for buy now pay november 08
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