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Found 17th Apr 2009
Hi, I've got a Kays account but they seem to be slightly dearer than the likes of Additions and Littlewoods Direct. I was just wondering if anyone knew if it is possible to transfer an account?

Ideally I would like to transfer to Additions Direct because I'm after a new TV and it's £200 cheaper on Additions/Litllewoods Direct than it is on Kays. How can the same company justify having different prices for exactly the same products? If I rang Kays up and asked them to do it at the cheaper price do you think I'd be in with a shout or should I not even bother wasting my time? Peoples experiences would be apprieciated.

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just open an account on both.

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I've tried that, for some reason it wont let me open an account with ANY of the other sites. I assumed it was because I was already a Kays customer.

hi, why don`t you just open an additions account just for the tv, you have already been cleared so it should be ok, thats what i do, pay it off seperately


It's because on Littlewoods Direct/Additions they don't do finance accounts. Full whack only.

don`t see why not, i have account with all four of them

well i have got stuff on 3 months interest free no probs, my main account is with empire,

i've had accounts on three of them at the same time so thats not the reason for refusal

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So no chance you think they'd let me swap then?

I very much doubht it

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Well, I'm going to give them a ring and see. Worth a try if it'll save me £200, if they can't do it I'm going to ask them to do it the £200 cheaper, if not, looks like I'm paying the extra :roll:

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Great, I rang them a few hours ago and they refused to move my account although after explaining I was wanting to buy a TV priced at £1299 from Kays, but it's priced £1099 on some of their other sites she lowered the price, I also used the £50 off voucher so total price was £1049, pretty pleased with that!
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