Found 8th Apr 2008
This is my first post and don't know if I've put it in the right place!

Just to warn everyone, I had someone access my online Kays.com account yesterday and place an order for 2 Sony TVs and 2 Nokia Phones, total price just under £2,000! They had selected an alternative delivery address in London (I live 100 miles) away and had paid for next day delivery.

Luckily, I received an email confirmation from Kays and happened to be checking my emails, so was able to ring them within 40 minutes of the order being placed.

They were very helpful and immediately cancelled the order, put my credit limit as nil and arranged for a new account number to be issued. They asked me if I had any idea how my identity had been stolen!

I had not ordered from this account for 6 months so have no idea how anyone could have known my password etc.

Anyway, just to warn anyone who uses catalogues online to check their emails/accounts regularly, even if they are not using the account. Also, I am going to get my credit limit reduced drastically to deter anyone from trying it again.

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what a horrid thing to happen. lucky you are on the ball.
some people are horrid
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