KDL46W4500 - Cheapest Price

    Does anyone know the cheapest place to get this Sony Bravia television?

    Been looking about for a while, just thought if someone could help me out!



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    Ok final bump then

    £1169.95 - Richer Sounds - You need to add 10% for richer sounds 5 yr warranty.…500

    £1,223.39 - Dixons - Not sure about Dixons warranty. Coverplan £419 for 5 years? Weird!…500

    £1625 with dvd recorder. Includes 5 year warranty. - john lewis…spx

    If you find it cheaper John lewis or Richersounds may price match. These prices will fall as these are new products at the top of their range.

    I would of gone for the Z4500 for the 200hz scanning. Not sure who sells this at 46 inch. 40 inch is sweet for me here.
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