Kebab Shop Grub (Shish & Cabbage)

    Hi Gang

    Can anyone advise me on a few Kebab Shop Cooking Recipes

    I want to firstly cook a nice shish kebab at home so need some advise on marinading the chicken (what ingredients are comonly used)

    and also an interesting one which i cant find an answer on the net for... the salad items, how do they make the cabbage soft and nice (what does that marinade in?), same applies for the lettuce?

    So if any of you can assist me I would be mighty happy.

    Thank you:thumbsup:


    Usually Shish Kebab's are made out of Lamb Meat (dark brown ones).
    Thats as far as my knowledge goes lol.

    Original Poster

    I assume no one knows then?

    If you have an asian supermarket in your area (or possibly a larger Tesco with an ethnic isle) look for packets of shish kebab spice mix pre-mixed.

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    cool, thank you...

    any idea's on what they do to the cabbage?

    The red cabbage?

    my local uses lettuce

    The red cabbage is pickled. You can buy it ready pickled from most supermarkets!

    For your kebab, try:

    1 teaspoon Garlic, finely chopped
    2 teaspoon Ginger (fresh), finely chopped
    2 tablespoon Lemon juice
    ¼ cup Peanut oil or vegetable oil
    ½ teaspoon Turmeric, ground
    ½ teaspoon Coriander, ground
    ½ teaspoon Cumin, ground
    ⅛ teaspoon Cayenne Pepper, or chilli powder to taste
    1 tablespoon Onion, grated
    2lbs of cubed lean lamb

    Mix everything into a large bowl, covering the meat evenly. Leave overnight to marinade.

    Cook on skewers over an very hot BBQ or under a very hot grill. Flame grilling adds a lot to the flavour, so be sure to use charcoal if possible!

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    Nice recipe I shall get the ingredients together.

    I did mean white cabbage, it always seems to be moist and have a greasy texture to it... any idea's what goes into it, surely it cant just be chopped up thinly???

    my mother used to work in a chip shop and when they cut their red cabbage it used to go through a shredder.

    and was then soaked in vinegar for a day

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    but what do they soak the white cabbage in (someone mentioned lemon water and olive oil to me) but im very unsure.

    yes thats sound right to me

    add oil to it and mix it in well so it soaks it up
    not too much though just enough
    then add a bit of lemon juice bit of water and a touch of salt should do it and bind well
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