keep getting calls but withheld anything i can do?

    hi keep getting calls on my house phone go to pick it up they hand up. is there anything i can do whats free to stop this? please let me no if you can help thanks


    Sorry i'll try to stop it now.

    i have a block on callers withholding their number. only costs an extra £1 a month

    have you settting up with your phone provider caller reject to those who withheld the number ?

    You tried speaking to your service provider?

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    no thing but these past few days been getting alot of miss calls and hanging up


    report them as nuisance calls, this is free, and they will block them

    it;s likely to be from one number (your provider CAN see the number and block it)

    just need the time of one of the calls, to guide them to it

    I registered with this:
    And it stopped my silent calls and missed calls. Was having loads over a space of a few weeks and it must have been a company as they stopped a week after I registered on this site. Won't stop all calls but even a reduction or to rule out a company calling would be a first step

    These are marketing calls, they automatically dial a handfull of numbers at once, they first one to answer is passed to an operator the other lines are disconnected.
    Register with the Telephone Preference Service to stop marketing calls.

    someone once said keep a whistle by the phone and blow it straight away in their ear - not sur eif that any help - is there a number you can use to stop getting calls from numbers you odn't know ? I know its drastic - but if you used it for a couple of weeks then went back to normal it might help?

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    thanks for your help

    virgin media do this to get an extra quid per month out of you
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