keep getting redirected to microsoft security center when i open google search

    was mucking about installing and uninstalling stuff and have done sommit to muck up google,when i try and open google i get redirected to microsoft security center telling me i have a virus and i should download virus software.i have said software and when i try and delete the google favorite and try google again it keeps reappearing anyone any clue


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    i have avg spyware will that work just aswell???

    can u post up a screenshot or something because it might be a virus it self !!

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    my computer has been attacked by "intervalhehehe" anyone else had this one??

    Use Malwarebytes and it should get rid of it.



    i have avg spyware will that work just aswell???

    Yeah, AVG is an Antivirus and Antispyware remover

    Id also recommend you use Spyware doctor



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    looks like this is an iexplorer hack or sommit,this interval has taken over google running avg now


    i had that on my laptop the other night
    it two attached it sell to google.

    i ran antivir and spyware search and destroy and also used tredmicro hijack this to clear my host file out as it fill ups up with sh8t so now its still lurking about in the system restore but will turn it off and then turn it back on after delting the restore points


    i installed winrar corp which gave me that **** frpm a webiste

    Post a Hijack This Log at techmonkeys and they'll help you, they've just helped me get rid of the virtomunde, or whatever it's called, really useful site

    Just use malwarebytes or spybot.

    That's a fake that apparent redirect. If you download and run that software you'll be in trouble.

    You have a virus or spyware. Start running the 3 or 4 anti spyware programs asap.

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    yeah i thot as much as it was the google www. and it was the microsoft page,running spyware software now
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