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    Hampstead Heath Conker Championships
    Sun Oct 5Critics' Choice FREE Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath, East Heath Rd, London, NW3 2SY

    Start the day with an Autumn Stories Walk around the Heath (booking essential; walk starts at Heath Education Centre next to Parliament Hill Lido, off Gordon House Road, NW5), then head up to the Parliament Hill bandstand for the conker competition. There are knock-out rounds for kids aged 5-16 and adults with a trophy for each winner.

    Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath, East Heath Rd, London, NW3 2SY
    , UK
    Geo: 51.556117, -0.164374
    020 7482 7073
    Category: Festivals
    Times: Sun: walk 11am, championships 3pm
    Rail: Hampstead Heath rail


    Original Poster

    Obviously this is an organised event with the chance to win trophies but I was thinking this is something that anyone could do in any area of the country. If you arrange a get together in your garden it gives the adults achance to throw a party of their own??? Might even be the better option.

    Nice idea - if only I hadn't turned into such a recluse I'd be up for organising something like this up here.

    Used to live a short cycle ride from HH in my London days. I don't remember this event, but I do remember picnics and good music up at Kenwood House on summer evenings ... Ahhhhh, the good old days...

    Original Poster

    If its an informal thing that you do yourself the only thing that limits it is the availability of conkers. Get the kids collecting on the way home. Put the word out with a few other parents that you are holding a conker party.
    Get together a few drinks and snacks and PARTY. Lots of bruised wrists the following day though
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