Keeping an Xbox One in a conservatory

Found 30th Oct 2017
Is this a bad idea? The heating is only on if I'm in there, so the rest of the time it's a pretty chilly room this time of year.

Is it a bad idea to keep it in there? The TV has always been ok.

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The temperature wont be an issue, but moisture from condensation may if you leave it on a window sill etc.

As the TV has been fine, you shouldn't have any issues with the xbox.
Buy him a lil jacket..
I put a dehumidifier in my conservatory, best move I ever made, no condensation at all and never got mould in there. The tv might have been fine due to it being higher off the floor, if your Xbox is anything like mine and on the bottom shelf it’s going to be colder.
I have a PS3, sky box, fire stick in mine, I agree it's the condensation that worries me more than the cold but they've been in there for years without any problems.
Pretty sure it’ll be the same as your Wii U you have in there bud
The Wii U was moved to the lounge.

Do you guys have heaters on all night in yours with your consoles? I don't get condensation in there, but it's so cold it leaves a handprint on things first thing in the morning...
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