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Found 19th Jun 2010
Hi all. Me, the wife and 3 kids are off to Florida in less than three weeks and are very excited. Now im hoping on some of your experience if youve been before because im ensure of the options of keeping in touch in the parks if we split up to say go on different rides. Unsure of the mobile phone options. Ive got an iphone with o2 and the wife has an LG Tocco with Three. Both my girls have pay as you go alcatel phones with Orange:spin:. Has anyone used the radios? What type and what range? Also i know they use a different band so have to be bought out there so is that hassle? Has anyone tried renting phones which i have seen advertised on the net for £2 per day?... Soooo many


Can't you just stay together? Or meet up at pre-arranged places/times?

when we went last year we bought usa sim cards from ebay and put them in our phones for use in the theme parks, worked out pretty cheap that way.
We bought tmobile ones with $20 credit for about £12 each.
Not sure which is best this year but I found a link to a thread about it on the dibb…548

Getting local sims is the best way to go, as long as all your phones are unlocked.

You can get them at drug stores. Target, Walmart etc. about $10 to $20 each and will see you through the whole trip.


Beware though in America when you ring someone it takes off there minutes … Beware though in America when you ring someone it takes off there minutes aswell as yours.


Op, I'd get some cheap unlocked nokias to take with you and get simcards on the same network locally when you get out there.

Just get the cheapest phone plus minutes deal in the local Walmart at about $15 a throw ( well 18 months ago - I don't know the effects of the credit crunch!).

or some cheap walkie talkies would do the trick, done that before now as usually in a big group that likes to split off to see different stuff ;p


Nothing wrong with the good olde fashioned way of having meeting places and times. Individual parks aren't that big anyway.


I bought some walkie talkie. With a 5 mile radius. (if I remember right?)

cost me loads but have had 3 trips out of them so all good.

They are sitting in the draw doing nothing I'd be willing to lend them to you as long as you can cover postage or pick them up if local


Cheapest options:

Walkie Talkies
Local Sims (be careful about activation.) AT&T do one where all cals to other AT&T customers are free.

This one on ebay is what I mean. (180518595335) So if you both have one of these with $10 credit added, you can call each other for free.
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