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Found 3rd Nov 2006
Hi peeps ive messed around with post's befor about speakers but ive found some im lookin for and i was wondering if any of you lot know of any gud discount hifi places for the ][COLOR=#800080]Kef KHT 2005.2 Surround Speakers [/COLOR]they seem like a gud set but at £599 im sure they must be cheaper out there but where i dont know:-(

hope u can help :roll:
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They are excellent..my girlfriend has them...and that is what she paid for them on Tottenham Court Road ..maybe cheaper if you search the web.
I've had a set of KEF Eggs for a couple of years now, and absolutely love them. KEF operate a price-fixing policy, and don't allow the speakers to be shipped mail order (to ensure we have the benefit of trying them out at a local dealer!). I got mine from ]Creative Audio in Shrewsbury - who can't alter the pricing, but will offer some stunning deals on bundled kit (you'll need an AV receiver, etc.)

Notably, Creative extended the warranty as standard, and when the sub-woofer failed they responded to my e-mails at 11pm and subsequently fixed the kit while I waited in the shop!

I live 170 miles from Shrewsbury, but don't regret making the trip, give them a call and see what you think!

(not linked with Creative at all, just a very satisfied customer)
Thanks for the posts peeps so kef have the pricing policy and thats that then but there speakers have great reviews and in the gud old world u get whot u pay for...............:-D
Looks like that's the best price, can't find any different either
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