Kelkoo starts cash back scheme

    Just went to Kelkoo and saw they have launched a new cashback scheme similar to quidco I think.

    Not sure but you might be able to use this and quidco at the same time to save more.
    Just signed up and got £3 credit for doing so.

    Taken from thier site

    "What is Kelkoo Cashback?
    Kelkoo Cashback is a unique offer that enables you to earn money by receiving cash when you make your normal purchase from a store participating in our programme.

    * Its free: a simple subscription lets you earn money on your purchases.
    * An offer that lets you access cashback from 500 of the best online shops.
    * An offer that lets you earn up to 25% back on your purchases!

    How Does Kelkoo Cashback work?
    Sign up and Open an account with Kelkoo
    It is free and takes just a few seconds. All we need is your name, postal and email address.
    You decide what you want to buy as you would normally
    Buy the latest LCD television? Book a flight? Purchase an iTouch? Sign up for a new credit card? - Whatever it is that you are shopping for, you can find it on the Kelkoo Cashback web site and earn the amount of Cashback displayed by clicking on the link which interests you the most.
    Your account is automatically credited
    We track your transaction to ensure your cash back automatically appears in your account after each purchase. You can view your account at anytime by signing back in to the Kelkoo cashback web site.
    You get paid by cheque
    You will receive a cheque from Kelkoo in the post after your account balance has accumulated £12."

    This is may be the wrong section if anyone knows where it should go let me know.


    see I told you, it will get more viewing hot

    would be surprised if you get quidco as well...!!!!!! seems like a competing site..

    Might fill some gaps that quidco don't fill...


    I was thinking of amazon and ebuyer.... neither of which are partners here either....

    Looks OK, especially if they get Amazon on board for a decent percentage;-)

    Will have to compare with Quidco and TCB etc......


    EDIT: after a quick look, Apple 1.5%, less than Quidco and play 1.2% also less than Quidco

    Boden is there, and is now 0% on Quidco

    great find thanks

    Why is this getting heat? All the etailers I spot checked were a lot less than Quidco, looks like a poor imitation to me. Anybody spot any gems amongst the many partners listed?

    Cold from what I've checked.

    Cashback sites are not considered deals... movede to misc. Thanks.

    Out of the blue today, I received a cheque for £3.

    Did a bit of searching around and I came across this thread. I had completely forgotten about it!
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