Posted 15th Aug 2022
Does anyone have a spare 'Adults go free' Kelloggs code that I may have?

Times are a bit hard and we would like to take the little one to Chessington

Thank you all in advance
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    If nobody has a spare code, book using the “snack pack” option, as you don’t require a code for booking that way. I’drecommend picking up a pack of cereal bars or Fruit Winders for £1 that has the voucher on just in case they ask for it
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    Check if it’s available, being the school holidays some attractions on there aren’t showing immediate availability, only a few days in advance. I was looking at one myself yesterday and the first date to book using Kellogg’s 2 for 1 was Tuesday, even though the attraction website had availability beforehand. Have a nice time
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    If you don't manage to get a code then you can go to a B&M store and buy two packs of Carex handwash for 89p each that have a half price offer on the label for Merlin attractions so will work out the same as a Kellogs/Cadburys 2 for 1. You can also pick up a multipack of Seabrook crisps at the likes of Heron Foods that have the same 2 for 1 offer on and you'll also have some snacks to take with you. But just check though on the Merlin ticket website that you can actually use these offers for a peak day in August that you want. (edited)
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    Are you still after a code?
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    I've managed to sort it thank you...we had a lovely time at Chessington!
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    Hey does anyone have a spare code knocking about? I wish I liked cereal now thank you in advance
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    Haha use the above snack pack it doesn't require a code but you can still book it
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    Anyone has a spare 2 for 1 voucher code?
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