Posted 12th Dec 2022
Spotted this, thought it was worth a mention.

Love a bowl of Crunchy Nut, with ice cold milk, personally not so keen on Salted Caramel though. For those that love Salted Caramel, could be a good one!

The new Crunchy Nut launch will be available to wholesale and independent retailers in a 460g price marked pack at £3.29 from March 2023.

The launch will be followed by a new digital advertising campaign for the brand, positioned around the famous strapline ‘The trouble is they taste too good…’.

Rui Frias, senior brand activation manager from Kellogg’s UKI said: “Crunchy Nut is our biggest cereal brand and this will be the first time we’ve made the decision to introduce a twist on our classic honey-nut flavour.

“Salted caramel was the perfect pairing for the brand and we can’t wait to see what people think. With the huge fan base the cereal has, we are always looking for ways to innovate and excite in the category.’’


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    I love anything covered in salted caramel I'll love these
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    Always salted caramel, why not plain caramel (edited)
    This. salted caramel is yuck
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    urgh - so over salted caramel - its everywhere
    That and Lotus
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    Omg need these in my life x
    Think my OH is going to say the same!
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    I’m sure these have been spotted in Asda recently?
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    On a side note, the original source provided by OP mentions "The launch follows on from the introduction of Crunchy Nut Bites and Crunchy Nut Nut Butter Bars in 2021." Has anyone come across the later?
    Heat for this deal 🔥
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    Just a shame about the vitamin D making it non vegan (Kellogg's confirmed any of their cereal with vitamin D in isn't vegan when I asked them) as I am trying to go vegan. I would've loved to try this! (edited)
    I didn't think Vitamin D appeared outside of fish. (edited)
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