kellogs grown ups go free codes

Found 20th Apr 2017
Just found out I can't book online with my voucher and can only redeem at gate. Has anyone got a spare online code from out of the box please?

Thanks in advance
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I have! Try 2DZGFW7V7 or ZDZGFW37V7 (the twos look like a 'z' so it's either)
I'm looking for 2 codes if possible for my family of 5. Please, please, please!
please pm message me if you do.
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I didn't post the above comment or any codes, looks like the Hukd website has gremlins again.
just to let you know that Cadburys are also running the same promotion on their share bags of giant buttons and crunchie rocks etc. You might be able to pick up a couple of bags on the way there and present the vouchers at the entrance gate.
(might also be an idea to post another request for vouchers on Cadbury bags as well as Kellog's boxes)
Oh, what a coincidence. I just posted about this as I need a code too.
The bags of Cadbury buttons I have don't have the grownups go free promotion but they do have the Merlin promo on where you buy an adult ticket and get another free. Not for use at London Eye though which is what I need it for.
Apparently better deals with cereal boxes. I can also pre book with the cereal codes, to save kids waiting for tickets at box office too, unlike the choc vouchers.
Apparently buy child ticket get ADULT free. Better than the chocolate offer as need to buy adult ticket to get CHILD free. More of a saving.
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😩Still looking 😩 Went to Tesco. None on any of theirs
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Hi does anyone still have a code please?
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