Ken Livingstone makes some very bizarre criticisms

Found 4th Aug 2017
A country's leader killing people who are powerful business to maintain power, law and order- the far left are just as violent as the far right it seems?

Ken Livingstone, a former mayor of London, has blamed the turmoil in Venezuela on the unwillingness of the former president, Hugo Chávez, to execute “oligarchs” after he came to power.

Livingstone, who is suspended from the Labour party, also blamed the economic crisis in the country on the government’s failure to take his advice on investment in infrastructure, which he said would have reduced the Latin American state’s dependence on oil.

The former mayor, a longtime supporter of the late president Chávez and his successor Nicolás Maduro, said the socialist leader’s enemies wanted to restore their power.

“One of the things that Chávez did when he came to power, he didn’t kill all the oligarchs. There was about 200 families who controlled about 80% of the wealth in Venezuela,” Livingstone told Talk Radio.

“He allowed them to live, to carry on. I suspect a lot of them are using their power and control over imports and exports to make it difficult and to undermine Maduro.” When pressed, Livingstone said he was “not in favour of killing anyone”.

Livingstone visited Venezuela during his time in office as mayor of London, striking a cut-price oil deal with Maduro to supply Transport for London. The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has also regularly expressed his admiration for Chávez, saying in 2013 he was “an inspiration to all of us fighting back against austerity and neoliberal economics in Europe”.

The country is in turmoil after the socialist government was granted sweeping powers to overhaul the political system in a disputed recent poll that was boycotted by the opposition.

The London-based company Smartmatic, which provides the technological platform for the country’s voting system, has said results had been manipulated by at least a million votes. Maduro has since said the company had been “pressured to the neck by the gringos and the Brits”.


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A lot of failed states and politicians around the world, may be all these states should have a supreme governance board to ensure evidence based politics with guaranteed human centric service levels for a minimum living standard and to counterbalance the polarisation of wealth (by compulsory human factor distribution of resources).
in comparison to a business, you really have to use evidence business results, and to guarantee customer satisfaction with reasonable value pricing levels and product service levels.
But in politics, the "business" reality is corrupted, there is polarisation between haves and have-nots, however the unsatisfied customers in the have-not group of Country (UK) PLC fight amongst themselves, left, right and centre along the themes: "If I am not deserving a pay rise , you are not deserving too.", "If I don't have a house, why should you have a house?", "I work my knuckles to the bone, why you deserve less hard work?"
That plum Owen jones described it well - "The revolution really is creating a more equal society, in which almost everyone is poor." Which is bizarre considering the countries oil reserves.

Sadly it looks like pure socialism is what they are going with, unfortunately that comes with secret police, political disappearances, and a starving and repressed population.

This is the model that Corbyn holds up as a shining example, the people sticking it to big business and the rich men!!!
Simplified version of above:
If there is a point, why are there only threads on left versus right here rather than haves versus have-nots. If people are unhappy about not having enough they should not fight amongst themselves over the scraps as there is plenty to share, just look at the GDP global ranking figures and economic size ranking of UK.
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And as usual its all about the Billions of barrels of oil. Don't kid yourselves that anyone givese a toss about the people or how they are suffering.
Eventually the country will be forced to hand its oil over to the usual suspect. Of course it will be a "deal" that's "good" for the country.
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