Kennel and or Cattery in Swindon - Reccomendations / warnings please

    Hiya I am off on holiday in june and need to sort out a kennel and cattery for my pets.

    A loopy labrador and 3 cats!

    Has anyone used services in this area? Can you reccomend or warn?

    thanks in advance


    not my region so cant reccomend but a word of advice-remember the labrador has to have a kennel cough jag or no boarding kennel will take it-this needs to be done some weeks before they go in(6 I think) so you need to time that right.

    Have you thought about a pet sitting service instead ?

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    Yeah i know about the extra jabs, its kinda handy as she is due her boosters in april/may anyhow so i will combine them with any luck.

    I have thought about a pet sitting service, but the thought of a stranger rifling through my knicker drawer gives me the creeps. I know thats a really silly thing to feel - but i wouldnt invite a complete stranger into my house if i was at home let alone if i'm away, no matter how many qualifications and assurances they can provide.

    I havent had a proper holiday for years, what with kids and animals! Now me n the kids are off, the pets need to have a holiday themselves!

    On a side note! My dog has the most horrendous wind today! She munched her way through all the vege peelings from sunday lunch on the compost heap! Bleugh! Any tips to stop a farty hound appreciated too ;-)

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    (thankfully the wind is sorted today lmao)

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    Barkimber on the road to Purton after the Railway, Used them with various pets for over 20 years.

    Or for sitting Vals Pals, We use her Day Care/Walking Services etc...Also my folks use her for cat sitting when they go away

    there is one just outside south cerney (bout 15 miles from swindon down the A419 towards gloucester) we have used them plenty of times, they are next door to butt's farm

    prices are reasonable
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