Kenwood BM 450 Breadmaker on its way!

The thread for this deal seems to have disappeared so I am not sure where to place this BUT I know that there were quite a few here who ordered this despite an assumption that it was a misprice which Amazon would not honour.

I have just checked my Amazon order status and mine was despatched (via Citylink) yesterday!


so as mine.

Just think you will have to get up at this time every day to make the bread!:giggle:

Ps this should be in 'misc'

great :thumbsup:



Just think you will have to get up at this time every day to make the … Just think you will have to get up at this time every day to make the bread!:giggle:Ps this should be in 'misc'

but not if you buy a decent one with a timer. You can set it the night before and wake up to fresh bread.


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Hmmm, thought the box seemed a bit light ......... just opened it to find a Kenwood BL450 Blender!!

Is this just another way of Amazon avoiding supplying mispriced goods (the Breadmaker is no longer showing on their site though elsewhere it is available - for £125!] electricshopping) Do they hope that a percentage of customers just won't bother to return the wrong item?

According to this, all I am entitled to is a refund which obviously I can't use to reorder the original item.

NOTE: We don't offer an exchange program at this time. However, you're … NOTE: We don't offer an exchange program at this time. However, you're welcome to return the item for a refund and then place a new order for the item you want in exchange.Also note that we aren't able to offer policy exceptions or special handling in response to comments entered on this page.

As my account history shows the correct item ordered and despatched, are Amazon obliged to supply that item?!?

Did anyone actually receive the correct item?

Me too, just opened the box to find a Kenwood BL455 Blender..

I sent for a replacement then received an email that went like...

Dear Customer

Thank you for contacting Amazon.co.uk and using our Returns Support Centre.

Firstly, please allow me to apologise for this apparent mix-up during packing.

Normally, in such circumstances we would create a replacement order for the incorrect item right away, to be dispatched to you as soon as possible at no additional charge.

Unfortunately, in this case, "Kenwood BM450 Breadmaker" is currently unavailable from our suppliers, so we are unable to send a replacement and we can’t guarantee if or when it will be sold again by us.

However, we can issue you with a full refund for this order.

In this case, I kindly request you to return the item for a full refund. Our Returns department will issue your refund as soon as the returned item has been processed at our Fulfilment Centre.

What's a Fulfilment Centre?? Is that legal??

Oh well , looks like a stupid blender is on its way to me :roll:

Blender here as well the muppets, arranged for them to collect it so I am not paying return postage cost's upfront.

My blender arrived today. I have printed out the return label...

My blender arrived today, it was worth a shot john lewis sell it for £130. I got a klipsch iPod dock worth £250 for £100 in December. Don't know if it is worth complaining. As they have taken the payment for the bread maker they are duty bound to supply the item, googling about I think it has been discontinued so it may be worth asking for an equivalent model
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