Kenwood Breadmaker - Granary Bread

Found 17th May 2009
I have a Kenwood BM250, it comes with a recipe book but I cannot get the granary bread right, does anyone have any tips?

everytime it is very heavy and densely textured. no matter what I try...extra water or extra flour it's no different...(the recipe in the book leaves it dense and sticky inside, possibly too much water)
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You could cheat a bit and use this - it is very very nice!! Cheaper in Tesco's tho I think.…GBP
Try adding 1 egg white.......

Are you sure you're adding enough yeast ? It mustn't touch any of the liquid when you're putting it n the breadmaker
I do this...

310ml water
1tbsp lemon juice
in goes 450g granary flour and 50g white bread flour
4tsp of skimmed milk powder in one corner
2tsp salt in another
1tsp light muscovado in another
and 1 1/2 tbsp veg oil in another
in the centre I make a little well in the flour and pour in 1 sachet (7g) of the easy dried yeast stuff.

(I have to reduce the water slightly and add flour as it becomes a sloppy goo with that recipe)...or is the unbaked texture of granary bread supposed to be a sloppy goo???
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