Kenwood fridge freezer are they any good

Posted 11th Dec 2017
hi guys

reposting as don't know what happened to my last submission.

We are looking to buy an American fridge freezer made by Kenwood from Curry's

reviews looks hugely positive

looking for your experience and advice of Kenwood as a manufacturer of the kitchen appliances


PS: any deals on any white good please let me know
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We bought an American style kenwood fridge freezer about a month ago, we are on our 3rd one now due to dents on the doors of the previous 2. All of them have had ice making issues, waiting for them to come and change freezer door now due to it not making ice
Oh dear

Dents... How did these develop also could you tell about icemaker issues please one which we are thinking of has just the water dispenser

Did you take extended warranty

Thanks for sharing your experience
The first 2 machines came with dents on he doors, they all have been really slow in making ice, water dispenser works grand and yes we took the extended warranty as I find he internal freezer drawer fronts get very brittle and crack/break, the extended warranty covers accidental damage also
Dare I ask where did you buy it from, price of fridge an warranty.

Thanks again
Ken would know.
Hi,I have had the kenwood stainless steel American fridge freezer from curry's for over 2 years now and had no issues at all with it.
Yes. Ive had one for 2 years and no problems. I had a hotpoint before this one which gave up after 18 months. Id never buy hotpoint again.
Bought it from currys, with warranty for 3 years I think, was 799 or something
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