Keratin hair treatment....??

Found 15th Jun
Has anyone had a Brazilian keratin treatment (temporary hair straightening treatment)?
Does it damage the hair a lot? I mean it would obv do some damage due to strong chemicals....
And how long does it last for?
Thanks guys
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I’ve had it a couple of times and for me it’s lasted well over 6 months and I have naturally curly hair.

They use a marvellous softening stuff after they’ve put the chemicals on and it really seems to hydrate the hair again.

I’m sure it does damage it but I haven’t noticed any significant damage and it probably does less damage than keep using straightening irons over 6 months.
My daughter has had it - several times, by that I mean several types.

Toni & Guy Keratase was good.
Local Indi that did an Aveda method was rubbish.
Local Indi that did Keratase was rubbish.

It didn't do any damage, but her hair (think Kate Bush on a bad day) was wild and tamed for 2-3 weeks on the Indi salon stuff (despite being BIG brands). The T&G was £200 but lasted about 8 weeks. I can't see it lasting 6 months. It certainly doesn't "do damage" as it adds Keratin to the hair, making it smooth. Your hair is Keratin based.

Is it worth it? Only if your parents pay I guess! She does has fluffy hair, wavy not curly but at the first sign of wet weather it reaks havoc.
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