Keter Apex shed base

Found 8th Aug

I bought a keter shed 8x8, it comes with a floor.

I want to know whats is the easiest way to prepare the ground. The area that I want to install it has a slight gradient and would need to be leveled and there are plenty old dead roots in that area that I don't want to dig up.

Anyone done this before? What are my options?

Thank you
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The father-in-law put his on a concrete base as I'm pretty sure the base needs to be bolted to the base. I'm not 100% sure as I don't own one personally but I do know that he has bolted his shed base to the concrete base. Maybe for added peace of mind.
It might take a little longer in prep and drying time but that would probably be your best option.
Yeah, I would like to do something solid. The question is how?
JustinScot2 m ago

Yeah, I would like to do something solid. The question is how?

I have had a similar keter one for 2 years now, not bolted down as I have some heavy stuff in there, freezer and motorcycle mainly. Mines on concrete flags, very slight gradient but its fine.
Would sticking some concrete flags down be an option? maybe try and level it off with some sand?
You will need to dig out the ground to level it off, then lay down some anti weed membrane with some soft sand on top and then use some kind of concrete slab as a base which is what I used
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The in law used gravel boards to form the dimensions of the base then filled in with concrete which he mixed in his old wheelbarrow. Smoothed it out with a 4x2 he had in the garage

There are a ton of videos on YouTube that show you how to do it.
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