Kettle needed - £30 limit - No cheap and nasty stuff please

    Never seems to be a scortching deal on here for kettles so here is a challenge to someone who is bored - find me the best kettle possible for £30 or less - i have looked but struggled. Let the challenge begin!


    £25 saved!!


    OK, seriously? I have this one:


    I'm tempted to get rid of mine and get a retro stove-top one. Maybe when it dies I'll do that next time.

    except mine's brushed stainless steel to match the cooker n stuff. I really like it.

    Kinda depends what you want from a kettle though?
    - jug type?
    - unnecessarily stupid brand name (porsche kettle - nothing says "I can't afford a proper Porsche" like a Porsche kettle!)


    £25 saved!!]

    sorry these are rubbish, been there done that got teeshirt. lol.

    kettle depends if you are in hard water area or bedsit, as if so the stainless steel ones will drive you bats with the noise.
    unless big family recommend 1.7 ir 1.5 size too as cheaper to run of course.…8-2

    this one looks good, and has reasonable reviews.

    I found this 1, thought it was a good deal, within budget and not cheap and tacky :thumbsup:…htm

    If you're a sad loner with no friends you could get a Tefal Quick Cup for £25:


    or £10 if you buy £25 of other stuff from the website.

    However it gets terrible reviews on Amazon so you'll be even sadder.

    The Breville Hot Cup is £38.79 at Argos and gets much better reviews, making you much less sadder (?) but £8.79 overdrawn.


    Link is for the back version. it's also available in white but that looks naff to me.

    or if you must have a kettle here's a nice stove top (sorry Alessi kettles are out of your price league):

    and if you really must have a conventional plastic jug kettle (how dull!) what about a black Bodum:

    I'm off to make a decent cup of coffee with my brushed stainless steel kettle and Swissgold filter...

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    Wow thanks for all your help guys will check these out :-)
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