Keyboard Issue/Problem after reinstalling Win XP

    After reinstalling Windows XP, my keyboard is defaulted to US, whereby the " key becomes the @, and the @ key is the "

    I've looked through the control panel etc, but can't find anything.. can anyone please help



    regional and language options

    If you want to change what key does what from US to European or the other way around, go to:
    Start->Settings->Control Panel->Regional & Language Options->Languages->Details
    Then click "Add", and choose "English Ireland", set the keyboard to "Irish", and click okay. Then choose "English Ireland" as the default input language in the drop down menu.

    This is something you can set during the install of Windows XP.

    A window comes up saying the default is "United States" but you can change it to UK (in fact you need to change it to UK in 3 or 4 places).

    Of course most people just click OK on the window without reading it and finish up with a US keyboard and layout.

    Vista is better at this and sets it as UK for UK computers and keyboards during install.

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    its ok, sussed it the minute I pressed Submit -- thanks all :thumbsup:
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