keyboard (musical) advice, help, please

    Daughter is taking keyboard lessons at school and want to get her a one to practice on at home dont really have much to spend on one probably about £30-£40 at most. Any recommendations or advice on what to look for. Thanks


    Probably best to look for a keyboard that costs no more than £40

    Try ebay?


    Probably best to look for a keyboard that costs no more than £40Try ebay?

    I bought a key board the other day Akita for £ 30 inc delivery well chuffed with it.
    Look under Akita Keyboards its got a stand evreything :-D

    ask in school have they got any to sell - sometimes when they get a grant and buy new - they do get rid of them - meaning they get dumped in a skip - seen it myself at a school - disgusting - the excuse - they couldnt sell electrical stuff!!!!

    so have a quiet word with music teacher - good luck



    Probably best to look for a keyboard that costs no more than £40

    Hahaha had to laugh! You're best getting a secondhand one... Preferably Yamaha. Casio tend to have a overly MIDI tone. My advice would just be "try before you buy"! You're not going to get anything amazing for that price but as it's just something to practise on at home, that's not a problem. However, if you really want her to take it up seriously, I'd say maybe try and spend a bit more on a decent one... There's a massive difference between a piano and a keyboard and an even bigger difference between a piano and a rubbish keyboard!

    Most teachers use Yamaha keyboards to start with, as above though check out with the school as some have music depts or connections that can enable you to hire instruments for a nominal fee, that way you get to try and see if its a passing phase.Some music shops do this too, and some have VAT free schemes for children lerarning an instrumentin school or by a peripatetic teacher, also some music shops have 2nd hand instruments that may have a bit of a guarantee on them.

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    Thanks to everyone for help and suggestion I think I will ask at school first.:thumbsup:
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