Keyed scratches on my car!

:x HELP... Someone has scratched, with a key I think, all down one side of my car, bonnet and boot. I went to halfords, as they are offering a scratch removal service... £135 per panel to repair, and they won't do the bonnet!!!!
So my request to you all out there is:
Do you know anyone, maybe even a mobile service, in the Croydon, Surrey or surrounding areas that does scratch removal, and for a hell of a lot cheaper than halfords??? Any help appreciated X


is it a deep scratch or light?

http://www.batterschoice.com/images/prod__BLG1000SOMETHING FOR THE PERSON THAT SCRATCHED YOUR CAR ;-)


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I'm not sure wot you'd call deep, the metal underneath isn't showing thruogh, but some are deeper than others...

Hope this helps:
Enter your postcode and see if these guys can help.
I'm having them out to spray my bumper after my husband caught it in a car park! :x


What about Mer Scratch Removal - seen it advertised but don't know if its any good.....

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Many Thanks... I'll give them a call to get a quote... Fingers crossed!!

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gari 189
I'll give anything a go... Ijust don't want to spend a fortune when it's not my fault!!!

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don't think that didn't cross my mind...and if I knew the culprit...well...

Seen some good reviews of these:


is it too deep to t-cut out?


is it too deep to t-cut out?

Eggactly wot I was going to ask. T Cut is the dogs danglies, Tesco do their own version as well which is pretty good :thumbsup:

im always supprised by the amount of people that dont know about t-cut. shame I cant get something similar for my driver side window after some (inster your own word here) tried putting a brick through it

all for £3.16 and the smurfs go pop album (its my daughters!) :lol:

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thanks pyrrho.
I'll give them a call too.

May I suggest before using t-cut which is very good but bit on the harsh side, Try AutoGlym Paint Renovaitor! Its the same a T-Cut but easyiers to work with. Also the AutoGlym Resin Polish will help finish the job off. These item are sold at Halford etc. £8 max a bottle.

Minstralman is right T Cut is a fantastic! The only thing I would suggest is to take your time try a liitle in a area of the car and gently rub the surroundng area using clean part of the cloth each time. Best of LUCK!

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Thanks everyone, I'll try it myself, then , if all else fails, I'll get back to the guy from Revive, rec by mallens, who said he'd do it for £90 plus vat!

HeY! I suppose I gave good advise there see post above Autoexpress say's Autoglym was the best. You can't beat it.

PS. I am not an Autoglym Rep! heheh (No i am not)


Thanks everyone, I'll try it myself, then , if all else fails, I'll get … Thanks everyone, I'll try it myself, then , if all else fails, I'll get back to the guy from Revive, rec by mallens, who said he'd do it for £90 plus vat!

Mate upload a pic of the scratch.

If it's a light scratch you can repair it yourself at a fraction of the price.

Feel the scratch. If your fingernail catches on a scratch, it is too deep to remove completely without professional repair.

Here's what you need.


Sonus is basically top of the range when it comes to car care. Expensive but really worth it.

You can do a really good job of fixing the scratches if you invest in a Porter Cable 7424 (and you can even removed swirl marks).

Look at the pictures in this link. That poor Audi has a huge scratch on the door. Using Sonus products and a Porter Cable the paint is completely restored to a showroom finish :thumbsup:

If you want scratch removal don't even bother with T-cut. Total amateur sh*te. Try to source Farecla G3/G10. It's not easy to get hold of offline (auto paint factor sometimes have it if you get lucky) but there are a few places online that sell it. There now follow a couple of pics of a car I bought a while back that was literally covered in scratches/dull paintwork. Typical ebay shi**er.....


I don't think i've got any close up before/after pics unfortunately, but this is proper bodyshop refinishing stuff:thumbsup:

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Thank You every one. Man from Revive has just been £90 plus vat. Done a fab job. only one really deep one on my bonnet that couldn't be fully repaired. I would highly recommend this company for their prompt reply to my e-mail enquiry and then turning up at the stated time to do the job!!! ta though to you all for your tips and advice... Bimbani xx
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