Keys on his way too?

Found 26th Jan 2011

Seems someone at sky has got it in for him aswel
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I think they realise Andy Gray will have a valid case of being treated unfairly / differentlty unless they are seen to act evenly.

I wonder if they will go back through footage of all their programs? I'm sure I've heard 100s of times things which are far worse than this but actually broadcast!
Keys is due on TalkSport any minute now live.........
wow, keys is an angry man...great interview so far, nice to hear the truth spoken rather than the rubbish in the press ....
To be honest im more bothered about Gray going, Keys could easily be replaced (Stelling) but Gray in my opinion is the face of football on sky. Comments like this go on in all work places, and they are just unlucky that someone at sky wants them out.
'Keys' could open the 'door' on the whole thing, and 'unlock' what has still to be heard ...:p
what he really wants to say is "oh just get over it and shut up"
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