Posted 3 January 2023

KFC Changes How To Claim BLC Discount

Hey Guys;

Just giving a heads up that KFC have changed how to claim their BLC discount now as it is now an app exclusive offer.


1. Download the KFC app
2. Click on Discounts
3. If you already have an account, sign in. If not, create an account.
4. Once you’ve signed in, click “apply blue light discount”
5. Enter your surname and Blue Light Card Number
6. Enjoy discount

Screenshot of a tweet. This changed as of today (3rd Jan 2023).

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  1. PaulandPam's avatar
    Warning, I had student offer on my account from about 8 years ago and even though the offer was reduced recently to a popcorn chicken box on an order over £3 this has now disappeared and only the 10% bluelight discount is available.
    On lower priced orders the student offer worked out better value.
    I can't revert back to the student offer without re applying a code I no longer have. (edited)
    jederer's avatar
    Sounds like you've been a student for a long time
  2. MonkeysUncle's avatar
    Shame my local kfc doesn't support the app.
    Ah well, local chicken shop it is, cheaper anyway
  3. Pikachu's avatar
    A few times at my local, I was waiting at the front till to be served for around 30 minutes. Other people ordering with the touchscreen got their orders whilst I was waiting.
    Blue light discount with KFC isn't worth to be made to wait to be served whilst everyone else is getting their orders fulfilled.
  4. deleted2130460's avatar
    what is the discount aount?
  5. deleted1949126's avatar
    Work for NHS + get discount for some of the worst quality food for your health...
  6. Isaac_McCafferty's avatar
    thanks for this.

    does anyone know if using the KFC App to place an order for delivery - do the funds go to KFC or Deliveroo?
    jamie60509's avatar
    I think it goes via Deliveroo as I can't order via the KFC app where I live, but can order via Uber Eats
  7. WiganLaticsFan's avatar
    Anyone tried putting their details on another app ie kids phone?
    dcx_badass's avatar
    Presumably it's linked to your account so would depend on if you're using the same account.
  8. andreia.lo's avatar
    Can you apply BLC discount on your online order? When you order via app?thanks
    DealsIUsed's avatar
    Strictly speaking it’s applied to your account so, I suppose so but I can’t confirm as I’ve only ever ordered KFC over the counter.

  9. rachael.stevenson's avatar
    I have linked my card now. But when I ordered and paid on app it didn't discount.
    How can I apply ordering this way?
    DealsIUsed's avatar
    Ironically I haven't actually used my BLC for this offer yet (because I think the Student Freebie is better value than the money off) but did you use it in conjunction with the KFC Offers (like a 6 piece for £11.99) or with the Hot Wings 20 piece bucket etc?...

    I know the offer doesn't work on promo items, just full price menu items. (edited)
  10. agent_pires's avatar
    Went the other day to do this and was told as well can't do it unless it's on the app. Told them we didn't have the app but showed them the BLC and they did it anyways.
  11. philip.conley's avatar
    thanks for that
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