KFC chips- yay or nay?

Found 30th Oct 2017
Is it me or do KFC chips seem to taste bad compared with McDs or BK?

The last 2 times I've had KFC the chips tasted rancid ( I visited 2 different branches)
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If they do similar things to their chips that they do to the chicken, then I'm not surprised they taste rank.
Yep, have to agree. Chicken is lush but chips generally go in the bin!
You're right.

For a bit of insight as to why there's such a difference in the quality of mcdonalds' fries over those of other outlets, you might be interested to read this article, where a guy investigated it all in an attempt to reverse-engineer the Mcdonalds fry - aht.seriouseats.com/201…tml
Personally I love wimpy 👌over McDonald’s or kfc
I always swap the fries for gravy then pop into chip shop and buy chips from there.
Chicken and corn on the cob for me, kfc fries have never been good
I find they are all the same as one another but if i had to choose, i would say macdonalds is the best. I find kfc fries have to be eaten quickly before they get cold, as once cold they unedible
KFC is terrible, BK all the way
Ye had two lots this week there rubbery and chewy and cold
Pale and disgusting. Can't beat chip shop chips or home made.
Aren't McD & BK fries cooked seperately so they are vegetarian whereas The Colonel chucks his in with the meat?
KFC is disgusting anyway. Pretty sure my local is rated worse one in the country
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