Found 1st Jul 2010
Thinking of buying one of these. Anyone got one? Just wondering what the fuel economy is like. I currently have a xsara and get around 430 miles from a full tank. Would I get the same with one of these?

Autotrader reckons 50mpg but these are never accurate im sure. Any advice. Heres a pic of what im after

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mate I dont think it will be very economical becoz its a big car for a 1.3 litre, but for short runs driving at low speeds should be ok, if your going to do motorway miles, you need something more powerful so you wont need to be pressing the gas pedal much for that I would reccommend audi tdi or passat tdi stay away from bmw diesels. my friends got a audi tdi its only a 99 plate with over 150k but is very economical £20 fuel he does around 180 miles ! and he normally stays local aswell

I've got an 03 reg, £48 for full tank which gets me about 300 miles (all short trips tho, stopping and starting).

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i'l forget that one then. i do 80 m'way miles a day so would suspect this wont be economical to get me 450 miles from a full tank.

I have a Kia Rio 1.5 diesel strike '10' Reg and I get 50mpg driving around town etc.

I would say the 1.3 is underpowered as now they come in 1.4 and 1.6 petrol.
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