kia sportage issue

    I bought an 07 Kia sportage about 5 month ago and I've had non stop issues since, the slave cylinder has gone 4 times now with the latest being today!

    The garage has supposedly fitted a new one each time along with a new clutch and fly wheel, they have also supposedly changed a return valve,

    has anyone had similar issues? or any idea what could be causing it to go so many times in such a short period of time?

    I am absolutely fed up and the garage seems to be stringing things along each time


    Just done a quick search and it sounds like a very common problem in general with Kia through all years but If I were you I'd seek legal advice as it doesnt sound like it going to get fixed by your current garage.

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    thank you appreciate it totally sick now, we wanted a bigger family car so decided on this one, they have apparently fitted new things but not sure if I trust them anymore,

    I have taken it to a garage I have used loads before and they are shocked that its failed so many times, just not sure why it would continue to fail,

    I have had no major issues in the past with any car I have owned just this one

    Yeah very common issue as it also is with Hyundai i40 as they share same running gear if it's the 1.7 crdi
    Talk Hyundai is full of owners with this ongoing issue

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    its a 2l crdi, they used a luk clutch and im not sure what type of cylinder they supposedly put in, but I've never had so many issues in such a small period of time,

    I have been getting a scraping type sound when driving to along with loss of power, suppose this is probably the clutch to

    You have the right to reject it as not fit for purpose. The garage has tried 3 times to fix the issue and have failed to do so. Tell the garage that under the terms of the Consumer Rights Act you reject the car and want a full refund. Speak with your local Trading Standards office if you want some official backup when talking with the garage.…act

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    thank you very much, really appreciated!

    absolutely as above. get shot of it asap. they sold a car not fit for purpose and one that did not meet promise of a new car.
    then push for compensation also, penalizing is good as will thin their rakes out and save the rest of us the same experience!!.
    then buy a euro 5 common rail diesel in any modern car, should be good forever

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    learn buy your mistakes so they say, unfortunately this has been a big one, I will ring trading standards on monday for advice :-) thank you all!

    I've experienced this before but on a different vehicle, it comes down to using none genuine parts,
    Not all pattern parts are made exactly the same as the manufacturers genuine parts.
    What was happening, if it's not exactly the same, is when they fit and bolt on the new clutch, the fingers of the clutch cover that the centre bearing/slave operate against, can actually be further in than that of genuine, and then the slave has to move further out to operate the clutch, but in some cases this can be too far and therefore you end up popping the slave

    ooh youve not had the joys of the fuel tank disintergrating on the inside filling your fuel system with crap requiring the tank to be swopped out yet then? then after that the engine ate itself and needed a new one. Wouldnt touch another Kia. Shame because it was a nice drive.

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    thanks the garage apparently bought them from a euro online dealer that offers discounts often :-(

    I had a Kia sportage previously. Sold it around 2006 and vowed never to buy a Kia again. They are total crap and rust so fast. I would get rid of it as fast as possible or take it back to the garage that sold it and exchange it for something else. It the make of car that is definitely now to avoid for ever - Kia's stink and are pure money eaters.

    Thanks for posting this though as I was under the impression Kia was a good brand as I was debating getting the Sorento but think I will give it a miss after this.

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    thank you all, I am totally under mixed emotions when it drove it drove well, only wanted more space for the girls but really regretting it now, I have had loads of makes of car before and only had slight issues like discs, brake lines etc this one has really put me off

    I am with the others on here, it is definitely not fit for purpose, I have spoken to my Lawyer son and he says the same, go back to the garage or contact the manufacturer under the terms of the Consumer Credit Act and demand a full refund.

    well I know it is after the horse has bolted but...

    I always search internet now for problems / issues with particular cars. I didn't buy a diesel mazda 6 because of it.

    good luck.

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    dealer rang back hes apparently going to give me a different car, fingers crossed just got to find a decent family car


    dealer rang back hes apparently going to give me a different car, fingers … dealer rang back hes apparently going to give me a different car, fingers crossed just got to find a decent family car

    You do realise that you don't have to accept that?

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    I'll see what he has to say Monday then ask for a refund appreciate everyone's help

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    has anyone had any experience of a vw golf plus? and would they fit 3 car seats in?

    nothing wrong with the new generation of KIA's - Ops was on 07 plate Sportage, compared to 2010 models and current 2016/17 models they are like night and day. Did 30k miles in both 2010 models over 3yrs with only issue corroding alloys, all replaced under warranty (known manufacturing defect on them).

    Current 2016/17 model have done 12k miles in 8 months, again nothing wrong and a great motor.

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