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Kia Xceed from Yes Lease only!

Posted 26th May
Hi all
Just trying to find out who ordered from yes lease the Kia Xceed back in January!

This thread:


Wanted to just keep in touch with those who did, what progress updates you may have received etc.

Community Updates
I had received the update in April about the VED increase being passed on with no further update on the build/delivery of the vehicle.

I’ve asked about cancellation and been advised there is a cancellation fee due if I wished to do so.

And more recently, been asked to further provide pay slips because of changes in underwriting criteria since the original proposal.
- I haven’t gone back to them yet as I’m not really wanting to until I get a better idea of when the vehicle will be ready, particularly as there’s this delay (which I know is out of their hands) and the ridiculous cancellation fee if decided to cancel.

Really need a vehicle by end of June/early July as a little one is due towards the end of July!
I got my last update on Jun 19, which said they were waiting to hear from their supplier. A good few weeks before that they stated that the car was still in Slovakia awaiting restrictions being lifted.

I've not responded to any of the emails (I know they have said that they are short staffed and trust that they are passing all the information that they have).

The thing is now though that I will really need the car in a few weeks time, I'm not intending getting and MOT on my old car and haven't renewed its RFL and insurance. I've been getting by on car sharing but that won't be an option soon.
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