Kick Ass....

    I saw Kick Ass today (awesome film) but it got me wondering, 13 year old Chloe Moretz (plays Hit Girl) runs around in this film swaering and killing etc.. But is she allowed to watch the film at the premiere since the movie is rated 15?
    Would be funny if she isn't allowed, but also surely agianst the law if she is.



    Haha good point. Maybe there are exceptions in the law if you were involved in it

    she can watch it in america tho

    as said above, not allowed to watch it here as it is no one under 15 but "R" in the US lets kids of any age as long as they have an adult with them.

    Apparently her (the actress) mother was on set at all time and there has been a bit of a argument over if the director bullied the mother in to allowing the "C word" or not - not like a kid of that age hasn't heard worse in the playground anyway.
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