Kickstarter Pledging?

Found 4th Jun

If pledging on an item, whats the best method to pay the pledge (it says $dollars) from the UK.

Would it be best to use Revolut with currency exchanged to dollars before paying?

Anyone know?
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Tbh I'd stay away from Kickstarter. I've pledged a few items in the past and a couple of video games.

I've gotten a few of my orders. While the others went silent.

The quality in most of my orders have been pretty poor. While a few have been decent/out standing.

After some drama I had with a couple of starting companies. I've now put off using the site altogether.
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I tend to treat backing anything on Kickstarter as essentially giving the money away, then I'm happy if anything turns up.

With regards to your question, the Revolut card will at least stop you getting stung too badly for transaction fees charged by your bank and the exchange rate should be slightly better than you'd get from your bank as well
Why convert yourself? Pay directly and let Revolut handle the conversion.
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