Found 24th Feb 2011
OMG, just got out of hospital after being rushed in yesterday with unbelievable lower back pain. I was in and out of consciousness and on morphine. Found out that it was a kidney stone! Just been discharged as the pain as subsided, but haven't past the stone. Now crapping myself as for the last half hour been getting twinges again.

Has anyone else had them?

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Now crapping myself

You're doing it wrong!!!


I have got a lot of pain in my left side at the moment I hope it isn't a stone.

My bf's dad had his kidney out this month and that wasn't a nice op.

Get well soon.

Friend just had the same last week, hospital said there are 4 places where it struggles to pass before it pops out of the end of youknowwhere (that being one of them), maybe yours has reached it's next pit stop.

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Know how you feel mate I got rushed in with them years ago and the seem to come in 7 year cycles. Best advice I can give you is to make sure you drink at least 1 litre or more of water a day..
2 years after I first had them I had burst appendix and would gladly have that pain again instead of kidney stones againoO

Ask the doctor what sort of stone is it ? If it is a calcium one then its because of all the fizzy cola drinks !!!

* Eat Watermelon as a fruit or have its juice.

* Drink 1 glass of fresh Tomato juice, with a pinch of salt and pepper, empty stomach in the morning

Remove the tomato seeds !!!

I recall the pain !! I drank loads of water and peed so much it shot out, cutting me along the way. First ones the worst !!

Arent kidney stones meant to be the 2nd most painful thing ever?

had them too, kidney pain was bad, but thankfully mine werent sharp, didnt hurt coming out the last part

ask doc about getting lythotripsy treatment, non invasive way of removing kidney stones via shockwaves, otherwise try pethidine tablets to relieve pain.
Also drink loads of water or diluted lemon juice, this will help dislodge the stones

ouch....nasty stuff

Ive had these, not fun at all keep drinking lots and try to keep active. I know that feels impossible when you have the pain but it will help them to pass quicker.
You might have some pain after they have passed as they can bruise your 'inside bits' (technical term lol) while travelling through.
Have they given you tramadol incase the pain came back?
They don't tend to remove the kidney stones unless they become stuck, if all of a sudden you find it hard to pee like its being blocked then go straight to A&E as its dangerous when that happens and can start damaging your kidneys.
Really hope the pain doesn't last long

Original Poster

Thanks all. I've got real gut ache at the moment, really uncomfortable.

jeez sounds horrid.....!

what were u advised upon ur discharge?

they kept me in over nite when i had one,just to make sure that i had passed the stone,next day was rite as rain,all i can say about having a kidney stone and pain is i wouldnt wish it on my worst enermy,i past out in the street with my pain,just on my way back to work which was up a ladder,boy was i lucky i werent up it

Kidney stones are awful, morphine is your best friend when you have them lol though I ended up high as a kite seeing green women walking about the hospital whilst I felt as though i was lying 1 metre above the bed. Freaked me right out.

My other half has sufferd with them in the past. I know that this wont help you now, but drinking really tart home made lemonade, and eatting pumpkin seeds, drinking loads of water will help stop them coming back.

For now I would recomend drinking 6 cans of coke in an hour and drinking 2 liters of water straight after, the acid in the coke is supposed to help destroy them..... and tbh my partner said when your in that much pain, you will try anything.
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