Kids games for PS3

Hi, i've just bought a PS3 Slim for use in our living room as a Media Server and Blu Ray player, but i'm also keen to pick up a couple of games for the kids.

I have an XBOX 360 in my study so the likes of MW2, etc are taken care of.

My eldest is 5 years old - I've bought her Eyepet for the PS3, and I was wondering what other games could be suitable?

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance


i've just bought little big planet which is supposed to be really good :thumbsup:

motorstorm is fun as well.

get em something challenging, now days most parents buy their kids stuff asif their not supposed to have a good IQ until they complete secondary school, no offence.

i definatly agree with cheerleader

Buzz is excellent for Kids, Everyone Golf, and Wipeout HD (yes wipeout) it has helper for young children tells you when to left or right, and my 5 year and 8 shock me when they play.. Singstar (Motown or Pop Edition)


i've just bought little big planet which is supposed to be really good … i've just bought little big planet which is supposed to be really good :thumbsup:

My son loves Little Big Planet but he's 9 so it might be a bit old for a 5 yr old. Try the LEGO games as these are good, also Wall-e and Ratatouille :thumbsup:

GTA4, it's a game full of flowers and nice happy stuff the objectives are basically just being nice to people

Rachet and Clank are good games for kids... mine play LBA to death and love it.. also Monopoly and most of the Disney Pixar ones (they are bang into Up atm).

PS like already said Buzz is a good family game... but if you look on PSN there are some addons like Jungle Buzz which are brill for the age of your kids ;-)

my little girl is 5 and she loves littlebigplanet & ratchett & clank, you could also look to pick up a few PS1 games as we have, you can get them off car boots fleabay etc for as little as £1 and you can get crash bandicoot, spongebob, really basic games buty the kids love em & dont care about graphics at that age.

dont recommend the fighting games though as when we tend to play tekken etc my little boy shouts BOOBIES everytime he sees the well proportioned ladies :-D

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Brilliant - thanks

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Okies - got LittleBigPlanet and Lego: Batman - which of teh Disney type games would you recommend - they all seem to have dodgy reviews.

Also picked up a copy of Killzone 2 cheap ... needed something for myself

My little 'un loves Eye Pet (So do i :w00t: )
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