kids have been playing in the snow since 6am!!!

    hi there!
    Well they are sooooo happy , we dont get snow often, made a snowman , snowballs sledging. I remember making a snowman family with my dad when i was 6. What is your best memory of snow as a child?


    It melting

    In Leeds , Every where is full of Black ICE......

    No snow in Devon, cold though -1 yesterday!

    my little ones have been loving it too, only prob being them and daddy have been building snowcastles with buckets & spades & putting them on the roof of my car. Went to grandparents last night & made it there before realising castle were still on my roof

    We have had snow for the past few days, I want it to snow again it's started to melt! :?
    I want to build a snow lady!

    we had quite a bit of snow in lincolnshire .. it started to melt slightly then snowed again and then over night temp was -4 and its just a blanket of ice now!


    snowed again here ( hertforshire) - but remeber going down harrow on the hill in a sledge - into some brambles and into a pond lol
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