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Its my sons birthday on new years eve and he will be six, i was thinking about doing to kids play area party but we went to one a while ago and it was so rushed and the food wa awful and for 30 kids it would be £328.50 so we were thinking of hiring one of the local halls and getting some entertainment that way i can do my own food so at least i know they are getting something decent and also we dont need to rush around to the play areas timing, i was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for the party or tips this will be the first party of this sort i will be organizing and not too sure where to start, thanks in advance x

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Whatever you want to do on NY Eve will be expensive. Lots of places will be booked for big dos so you might not be very lucky. Otherwise, my four year old just went to a party at the Wacky Warehouse, with food, and I thought it was REALLY good. Very well catered for, but maybe a 6 year old would be a bit past all that soft play area/ball pool stuff. I don't know... Maybe a swimming party? I had one as a kid, and really enjoyed it. Chances are the pools will be available, and you could either rent their hall do your own buffet thang, or get them to cater it too...

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we wont be doing it on new years eve as alot of people probably wouldnt be able to make it so were going to do it a bit before

We prefer party and birthday on different days as my five year old can be a bit overwhelmed at his party and I can be a little distracted watching that all are happy and feel that if you split the fun over two days you can really concentrate on enjoying the birthday itself and the party. Also we had swimming party for his 5th so much fun parents although slightly reluctant at first all joined in the merriment excellent day my boy loved it

I hired a local church hall for my kids party. It worked out £30 for 4 hours hire.
I then rung a couple of local entertainters I found in the local yellow pages, and got a puppet / ventriliquist entertainer organised on the day for £100 for 2 hours!.
Then I just bought extra food for a few week and made my own food and cakes.
I didn't buy birthday cakes. We made cupcakes and the kids decorated them.

Had 85 kids turn up!! (Was joint between 2 of my kids), but cost me about £160.
Good Times.

Deffo do Hall party for that many kids and hire an entertainer. We had a circus entertainer for my daughter's 7th birthday and she said that all her friends commented on it afterwards, especially the boys as they just spent the whole time trying out things like juggling, diablo, unicycling and he even bought a tightrope with him. Then parents came 15 minutes early and they put on a show of what they had learnt, couldn't recommend this kind of party more and so stress free as the entertainer does all the work for you, you just have to provide the food and we've learnt that simple hotdogs followed by biscuits/cakes is the easiest and most popular (and cheapest!!).

Just thought on and this year my 5yr old had a hall party where we hired a bouncy castle, 3 of us did face painting, we had wheeley bugs, an art table (no paint or felts, just crayons and stickers) and hot dogs as mentioned above and it was the best party we've done, lots of parents commented on it. My eldest daughter had a party at age 6 with games (pass-the-parcel etc) and end up with no voice, children running riot and we were knackered!! Vowed never to do this type of party again!!
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Good for you I had wacky warehouse parties when I was younger, and also had parties in our house with an entertainer and party games and stuff, and I remember the ones in the house most fondly even though they cost a LOT less

Organise games, lot less chaotic than them running around on their own and gets everyone involved. All the old favourites like pass the parcel, musical chairs/bumps, statues etc. If doing pass the parcel, wrap sweets in each layer so everyone gets something and then prize in the last wrapping - saves upset and jealousy!

Some halls have their own bouncy castle you can hire (I know a few local to us do) or allow you to have one indoors. This lets them burn off steam but dont have to worry about it raining.

Start getting little bits now for party games, party bags etc

Ask around if any of the parents (or could yourself) would be brave enough to try face painting? Always a big hit and simple designs like animals are easy enough after a practise.

Depending on how many kids are going, could do something arty with them + that can be what they take home (instead of a party bag)

Would need a few parents to do this, and probably in batches through the party - get a pack of rich tea biscuits, a big bowl of icing and loads of sweets and sprinkles and stuff. Put an apron (or old shirt/t-shirt) on the child and let them decorate their own biscuit which they then get to eat

my daughters last party I did a treasure hunt, I got medals off ebay saying 'I'm on a Treasure Hunt' and did a map of the area and put stickers where they had to look, then each child had to hunt their colour presents which I had wrapped in the colour of their stickers, it was just the standard party bag toys so they had their party bags to fill up as they went along. They loved it! Only other things I did there was a bit of face painting where they each chose a little thing to have on their cheek, a bubble machine was going and kids music was blaring...they had a great time and a couple of people have pinched the idea since!!
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