Kids Pass Client Data Exposed ....

Found 7th Aug 2017
Source BBC News

So it happens, there's glitches, security flaws etc, but if you were to discover an issue with a site that was exposing its clients details, you wouldn't expect to be blocked? Well that's what happened to Alex Haines who discovered that he could view the personal data of other users (inc. email addresses and phone numbers) as he was signing up to Kids Pass.

Mr Haines tried to contact Kids Pass after he discovered the issue, but he was then BLOCKED by the Kids Pass Twitter account and he didn't even receive a reply.

A spokeswoman for Kids Pass said he had been blocked by the firm's out of hours social media monitoring team, but were unblocked about 10 hours later and that they would be looking into the issue.

The UK's data watchdog is looking into the mattter and although the Kids Pass spokeswoman said she did not believe any customer data had been compromised, she has also confirmed that the issue had since been "addressed and resolved".

Seems strange for them to block an account from someone trying to alert them to a vulnerability. As we say in Norn Iron ..... that's bad craic
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Yes that was me

And I only found the flaw because I was on HUKD and saw the 'things to do with kids' megathread!
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