kids racing cars on a track

    Hi I'm looking for a birthday present for my step son and thought he would like the matchbox type of cars that race on a track, they were pretty big in the early 80's but i cannot find anything that resembles it today. the cars were pull back powered that then shot around plastic track (with loop the loops etc)) untill the cars slowed to a stop a bit like slot cars but with out the electric if that makes any sence!!!

    cheers tony


    Think they are called hot rods now or something like that.

    We have something similar, got it from elc, they are called shake and go cars, comes with a track as well…ZJA…spx

    this kind of idea, as the title suggests you shake them and put them down, they do need batteries though, not sure if its exactly what you are looking for

    its Hot Wheels Argos has quite a bit have a look at…htm

    would say they are a bit flimsy not as good as the original

    My son has one of these, but I've lost the box for it. Argos sounds your best bet. It's really fun, and the car is easy enough for my two year old to operate. The plastic slot together track is quite flimsy though, and needs a degree of tenderness or won't last long.
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