Kids Rocket electric scooter

    Has anyone got one,or can recommend another,this review doesn't look very good on Amazon....


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    Anyone ??

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    We have 3 without the seat, they didn't get used at all, battery was … We have 3 without the seat, they didn't get used at all, battery was poor, long re-charge time, really heavy.

    Was that the rocket ones dcx or another type ?

    Debz - technically you can't use these on the pavement or road - you'll have to use them on your private estate

    There are two types of electric scooter, those, which only reach a maximum speed of 5mph, and those whose maximum speed is above that. The ones that have the lower speed are classed as toys and not a mechanically propelled vehicle. The other ones who have a maximum speed of 15/20 mph these are classed as a mechanically propelled vehicles and are subject to the same regulations as motor vehicles if used on public roads, i.e. they must be taxed and insured and the user must hold a licence and wear a helmet. It is likely that even if insurance companies did provide such insurance it would be very expensive.

    In either case these cannot be used on the pavement and can only be used on private land with the permission of the owner. They cannot be used on council land unless there is a designated area specifically for them.

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    I was thinking of the park,oh lawd,the gardening staff won't be best pleased if my nephew runs amok in the grounds lol

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    Ok,thanks dcx
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