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Found 29th Aug 2012
I've been looking for some well made leather school shoes for my boys but most places only seem to stock poorly made shoes that look like trainers.
Has anyone got any recommendations?
I'm panicking now as I've only got a week left lol
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Clark's are good quality for school shoes , not sure about selection for boys as I have only bought for girls so far, if you get him fitted in store you can buy online and get delivered to store for free, they sometimes have a better selection online depending on what size of store it is.
My son goes through loads of school shoes and the only ones that seem to survive are black adidas velcro shoes...
Clarks. Expensive, maybe - but money well spent. They last and last...

Clarks. Expensive, maybe - but money well spent. They last and last...

Not on my son's feet, they don't!
I bought my son shoes from Clark's from P 1 - P7 and they were very good quality never had a problem and they lasted the whole of each term
Do you have a Clarks Outlet store near you ? They generally sell the shoes at 30% off the full retail price, they are probably last year's design but black school shoes are black school shoes.
Sketchers seem to last a year.
timberlands are really good, i got my little boy some when he startred nursery & they lasted him ages....
I agree with the timberlands, my son has had them over and over they have been almost indestructible, but they are a bit heavy inthe feet...but they have banned them this year at his school. I'm having the same problem as you, they are either long shoes (pasty slappers as he calls them) or they just look like black trainers. Barrett's have kickers and lee cooper in, they have both lasted a bit of time and are not too expensive.
Thanks all. Some great suggestions there. I'll look into them all today.
So many styles seem to made from synthetic materials. I usually go for leather as my boys have wide feet and although they are always measured for the correct fit I find the 'give' in leather makes them more comfortable as well as allowing their feet to 'breathe'.

I bought my girls some really nice black clarks school shoes , they went to school surrounded by kids in trainers , pink shoes, frilly shoes, light up shoes, wheely shoes, character shoes etc, suddenly the clarks ones didnt seem very appealing to them any more and i had murder getting them to wear them, and eventually gave in now the only limit they have is no wheels, no heels, and no slip-ons so they dont have any accidents when running in the playground
Stead and Simpson have a few nice pairs in leather
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