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Posted 3rd Apr
Hello. Looking for a new scooter for my 6 year old. His current scooter is very harsh to ride with lots of vibrations. I want something smooth for him to ride.

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I'd recommend looking at ones in Decathlon.
We got the the Oxelo mid 9 scooter and the quality and ride is superb although it's for age 7/8+ so may not be suitable for you, but was fine for a 7 year old and they will have others to suit.

It has front suspension which is very handy for pavement bumps. It also has bigger wheels and hand brake. It's a really super smooth ride and can take adults weight too.
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I purchased a Zinc scooter for my son as his last scooter was also very harsh to ride, the new one is much better
We have Micro Sprite scooters. They’re very smooth and don’t sound like a shopping trolley.
Have a look at the Oxelo Mid 5 here,
Age 6-9 has brake and suspension and comes in 5 colours
I second the micro scooter. worth their weight in gold (micro maxi esp)
Thanks for all your suggestions. I'll check them out.
I have to say micro scooter too, they’re a little pricey but definitely worth the money- think we have the maxi- they’ve lasted really well and the weight goes up to 10st so they can ride them to school and you can ride it back!
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