Kids Sliding (rolling) shoes

Found 3rd Feb 2007
i'm after one of these (see below) for my daughter. a while ago i've seen a thread mentioning this in the range of £35ish


any help much appreciated
thank you
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Isn't there something less dangerous on her wish list?:thumbsup:
Id avoid these now and go for proper skates.
Seem to be far too many accidents with these at the moment.


My daughter wanted some but I refused as I saw the dangers.

oh yh there was a report on the news the other day about the dangers of these. Just buy her a doll or something else
never thought that! thanks for the adivse.

definitely not going to get one.
I think they are very safe...

I had them 2 years ago, bought them while I was in the states for myself (Yes they do size 12, 13 etc). Once you get the hang of them it's nearly impossible to fall over.

If you just remember one foot in front of the other, it'd be 99.99% impossible to fall over backwards (as back leg supports body). And falling over frontways - well the wheel is at the back of the shoe, so you would land on the sole!

Very fun shoes - just a pity that it took off with all the kids... Else I'd still wear them!!!
See what the children say about Heeleys:
They look like ordinary trainers but should only be used when wearing
elbow and knee pads and crash helmets. I haven't seen any children with Heelys using any of these protective accessories.
When I was a kid I used to roller skate all the time, never had any pads, and yes, I got my share of bumps, bangs and scrapes. I fell out of trees, rolled down hills, and jumped ramps on my bmx.

Anyone else think the we're far too over-protective these days?

You learn if you get hurt.
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